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Illumination wavelength (Min) (nm) 400 Illumination wavelength (Max) (nm) 700 Micromirror array size 1024 x 768 Chipset family DLP7000, DLPC410, DLPR410, DLPA200 Pattern rate, binary (Max) (Hz) 32552 Pixel data rate (Max) (Gbps) 25.2 Micromirror pitch (um) 13.6 Component type DMD Display resolution (Max) 1024 x 768 (XGA) Pattern rate, 8-bit (Max) (Hz) 4069 Micromirror array orientation Orthogonal Micromirror driver support External Thermal dissipation (°C/W) 0.9 open-in-new Find other High-speed visible chipsets

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CLGA (FLP) 203 1290 mm² 31.75 x 40.64 open-in-new Find other High-speed visible chipsets


  • 0.7-Inch diagonal micromirror array
    • 1024 × 768 array of Al, micrometer-sized mirrors
    • 13.68-µm micromirror pitch
    • ±12° micromirror tilt angle (relative to flat state)
    • Designed for corner illumination
  • Use with visible light (400 nm to 700 nm):
    • Window transmission 97% (single pass, through two window surfaces)
    • Micromirror reflectivity 88%
    • Array diffraction efficiency 86%
    • Array fill factor 92%
  • Two 16-Bit, low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) double data rate (DDR) input data buses
  • Iinput data clock rate up to 400 MHz
  • 40.64 mm × 31.75 mm × 6.0 mm package
  • Hermetic package
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The DLP7000 XGA Chipset is part of the DLP® Discovery™ 4100 platform, which enables high resolution and high performance spatial light modulation. The DLP7000 is the digital micromirror device (DMD) fundamental to the 0.7 XGA chipset, and currently supports the fastest pattern rates in the DLP catalog portfolio. The DLP Discovery 4100 platform also provides the highest level of individual micromirror control with the option for random row addressing. Combined with a hermetic package, the unique capability and value offered by DLP7000 makes it well suited to support a wide variety of industrial, medical, and advanced display applications.

In addition to the DLP7000 DMD, the 0.7 XGA Chipset includes these components:

  • Dedicated DLPC410 controller for high speed pattern rates of >32000 Hz (1-bit binary) and >4000 Hz (8-bit gray)
  • One unit DLPR410 (DLP Discovery 4100 Configuration PROM)
  • One unit DLPA200 (DMD Micromirror Driver)

Reliable function and operation of the DLP7000 requires that it be used in conjunction with the other components of the chipset. A dedicated chipset provides developers easier access to the DMD as well as high speed, independent micromirror control.

DLP7000 is a digitally controlled micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) spatial light modulator (SLM). When coupled to an appropriate optical system, the DLP7000 can be used to modulate the amplitude, direction, and/or phase of incoming light.

Electrically, the DLP7000 consists of a two-dimensional array of 1-bit CMOS memory cells, organized in a grid of 1024 memory cell columns by 768 memory cell rows. The CMOS memory array is addressed on a row-by-row basis, over two 16-bit low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) double data rate (DDR) buses. Addressing is handled via a serial control bus. The specific CMOS memory access protocol is handled by the DLPC410 digital controller.

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Technical documentation

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* Data sheet DLP7000 DLP 0.7 XGA 2x LVDS Type A DMD datasheet (Rev. F) Jun. 06, 2019
Application note Highly Scalable TI DLP Technology for 3D Machine Vision Jul. 06, 2021
Application note Wavelength Transmittance Considerations for DLP DMD Windows (Rev. E) Dec. 17, 2019
Application note DMD Optical Efficiency for Visible Wavelengths (Rev. A) May 30, 2019
Application note Mounting Hardware and Quick Reference Guide for DLP® Advanced Light Control DMDs (Rev. A) Nov. 27, 2018
White paper High accuracy 3D scanning using Texas Instruments DLP® technology for structured (Rev. A) Sep. 25, 2018
Application note DMD 101: Introduction to Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) Technology (Rev. B) Feb. 23, 2018
Technical article There’s more than meets the eye when designing for industrial projection May 13, 2016
Solution guide TI DLP Technology for 3D Printing (Rev. E) Apr. 08, 2016
More literature TI DLP Technology for Lithography (Rev. E) Mar. 16, 2016
Technical article Printing up the future of innovation with direct imaging lithography Dec. 29, 2015
Technical article Three fast facts about our fastest, highest resolution chipset for industrial applications Oct. 07, 2015
Application note Geometric Optics for DLP® Dec. 05, 2013
White paper Using Lasers With DLP DMD Technology Jun. 13, 2013
White paper Laser Power Handling for DMDs Oct. 17, 2011
Application note DLP System Optics Application Note Jul. 20, 2010

Design & development

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Hardware development

document-generic User guide
This DLP evaluation module (EVM) houses DLP7000, a 0.7 XGA 2xLVDS Type A DMD containing 1076 x 768 micromirrors with 13.6 µm pitch. When paired with DLPLCRC410EVM, users get pixel accurate control with 1-bit pattern rates up to 32,225 Hz. DLPLCR70EVM is right evaluation choice for designers (...)
  • Targets 400-700 nm with 1-bit pattern rates up to 32,225 Hz
  • DLP7000 DMD has 1076x768 mirrors with 13.6 µm pitch
  • DMD board with holes for convenient mounting
  • 12-inch flex cable for flexible positioning of the DMD on a benchtop
document-generic User guide
The DLPLCRC410EVM, paired with one of five other DMD-based EVMs, is an evaluation platform exhibiting advanced light control for applications like lithography, 3D Printing (SLS and SLA), Machine Vision, and Marking and Coding. This EVM enables evaluations of new customer illumination sources (...)
  • Light control of one of 5 different DMDs
  • Binary pattern rates up to 32 kHz
  • Grayscale patterns rates up to 1.9 kHz
  • 2xLVDS DDR input data interface at 400Mhz clock rate
  • Supports random row addressing of DMD rows
DLi Accessories and Assemblies for DLP® Products
Provided by Digital Light Innovations
Digital Light Innovations (DLi) offers accessories, boards, and assemblies for development and production with DLP® Products. Examples include DMD controller boards, DMD board assemblies, flex cables, DMD mounting hardware assemblies, LED driver boards, and LED & fiber illumination assemblies.
  • (...)
document-generic User guide
DLi kits for DLP® Discovery™ chipsets (DLPC410 with DLP7000, DLP7000UV, DLP9500 or DLP9500UV DMDs) support custom interface development for industrial and medical systems and instrumentation. Choose among kit options based on desired hardware and software support. DLi4120 kits include (...)
  • D4100 kits: Use with DLP Discovery Explorer GUI and DLPC410 API
  • Light Animator software supports DLi4120 and DLi 4130 kits - create, manage and manipulate image sequences
  • DLi4120 kits also supports:
    • ALP-4.1 basic API – upload, sequence, control patterns and process commands
    • Up to 300 Hz binary patterns
  • (...)
Optecks’ Light Animator is a software package with a visual interface that allows scientists and engineers to quickly design pattern sequences and triggering for light control applications using DLP® technology. Light Animator supports the DLP LightCrafter 6500, DLP Discovery 4100 and DLP (...)
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Pixelated Canvas represents the micro-mirrors with zoomable interface
  • Draw binary images up to 8 bits
  • Select the object location and edit its properties
  • Create animation using the timeline window
  • Supports import/export of bmp, jpg, gif, png and AVI file formats
  • Trigger in and out pulses to (...)

ViALUX's Direct Link Sensor provides an integrated optics and electronics design for DLP7000. The DLS module adresses 3D machine vision use cases that demand for coupling high-performance DLP projection with precisely synchronized image acquisition. The DLS concept overcomes the former need of (...)

  • High power LED light sources for blue (460nm), NIR (850nm) and white light projection
  • One or two CMOS image sensors with 1920x1200 pixels
  • Frame rates from 166 fps full resolution to 5000 fps for ROI
  • One single USB-3.2 Gen 1x1 (Type-A ) connection to PC
  • Synchronization of multiple DLS modules
ViALUX’ SuperSpeed V-Modules provide complete subsystems containing a controller board for DLPC410, a digital micromirror device (DLP650LNIR, DLP7000, DLP7000UV, DLP9500, DLP9500UV or .96 WUXGA DMD) and ALP-4 controller suite software. The industrial grade modules support high-performance (...)
  • USB 3.0, lossless compression, low latency
  • 64 or 128 Gbit on-board RAM for pattern storage
  • ALP-4 Controller Suite: Set bit depth, triggers, frame rate, pattern display time, pattern looping and LED parameters
  • V-650L NIR: 10,752 Hz binary pattern rate
  • V-7001 VIS/UV: 22,727 Hz binary pattern rate
  • V-9501 (...)
Wintech W4100 High Speed Development Kit
Provided by Wintech Digital Systems Technology
The Wintech W4100 development kit provides users with an alternative to Texas Instruments DLP® Discovery™ 4100 development platform. It utilizes the same FPGA platform and same data interfaces for frame rates up to 32,552 Hz and grayscale operation. The W4100 is compatible with the (...)

To best meet your design needs and accelerate your time-to-market, DLP® Products works with a variety of third parties to help with everything from optical modules and hardware design to specialty software and other production services. Download one or both search tools listed below to quickly (...)

  • Third-party companies located around the world
  • Includes display, light control, and automotive products and services
  • Links and contacts for quick engagement
Optecks’ ray 70A optical module is designed for optimal image quality using a 0.7” diagonal  digital micro-mirror device with a 4:3 aspect ratio such as the DLP7000. The monochromatic system combines the high resolution, high quality ray optical module with a high-power (...)
ViALUX’s STAR-07 CORE provides compact optics designed for DLP7000. It is available as an accessory or a fully integrated industrial pattern projection unit with high-power LED light source and monochrome or RGB options. STAR-07 has two lens options - a standard projection lens with zoom (...)
  • High power LED light engines available with LED driver support
  • Compatible with ViALUX ALP controller suite software
  • Standard lens: 1.8  to 2.1 throw ratio; 0.4 m to 10.0 m working distance
  • Wide lens: 0.9 throw ratio; 0.5 m to 2.0 m working distance
  • Offset 125%

Software development

ViALUX ALP-4.1 Controller Software Suite for DLPLCRC410 Evaluation Module
Provided by ViALUX — ViALUX’ ALP-4.1 is an accessory software package compatible with the DLPLCRC410 evaluation module from Texas Instruments. It supports the built-in hardware components and contains the corresponding driver and controller firmware as well as ViALUX’ FPGA logic design for the EVM board. The (...)

Design tools & simulation

DLPC062.ZIP (32 KB) - IBIS Model
DLPR011A.ZIP (399 KB)
DLPR012A.ZIP (428 KB)
DLPR013A.ZIP (395 KB)

CAD/CAE symbols

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CLGA (FLP) 203 View options

Ordering & quality

Information included:
  • RoHS
  • Device marking
  • Lead finish/Ball material
  • MSL rating/Peak reflow
  • MTBF/FIT estimates
  • Material content
  • Qualification summary
  • Ongoing reliability monitoring

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