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Illumination wavelength range (nm) 420-700 Micromirror array size 1280x720 Chipset family DLPC3478, DLPA2000, DLPA2005, DLPA3000, DLPA3005 Pattern rate, binary (Max) (Hz) 2500 Micromirror pitch (um) 5.4 Component type DMD Display resolution (Max) 720p (1280x720) Pattern rate, 8-bit (Max) (Hz) 360 Micromirror array orientation Orthogonal Thermal dissipation (°C/W) 5.4 open-in-new Find other High-speed visible chipsets

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CLGA (FQK) 57 127 mm² 7 x 18.2 open-in-new Find other High-speed visible chipsets


  • 0.3-Inch (7.93-mm) diagonal micromirror array
    • 1280 × 720 array of aluminum micrometer-sized mirrors, in an orthogonal layout
    • 5.4 – micron micromirror pitch
    • ±17° micromirror tilt (relative to flat surface)
    • Side illumination for optimal efficiency and optical engine size
    • Polarization independent aluminum micromirror surface
  • 8-Bit SubLVDS input data bus
  • Dedicated DLPC3478 display and light controller and DLPA200x or DLPA300x PMIC/LED driver for reliable operation

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The DLP3010LC digital micromirror device (DMD) is a digitally controlled micro-opto-electromechanical system (MOEMS) spatial light modulator (SLM). When coupled to an appropriate optical system, the DMD displays a very crisp and high quality image or video. This DMD is a component of the chipset comprising the DMD, DLPC3478 display and light controller, and DLPA200x/DLPA300x PMIC/LED driver. The compact physical size of this DMD coupled with the controller and the PMIC/LED driver provides a complete system solution that enables small form factor, low power, and high-resolution, light-control applications like such as 3D scanners.

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* Datasheet DLP3010LC 0.3 720p Light Control DMD datasheet Jun. 08, 2019

Design & development

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Hardware development

document-generic User guide
The DLP® 3010 Light Control evaluation module (EVM) is an easy-to-use evaluation platform for a wide variety of industrial applications like 3D scanning, 3D printing, medical imaging, automated optical inspection (AOI) and facial recognition. It supports two configurable input triggers and one (...)
  • DLP3010, DLP .3 720p DMD 
  • DLPC3478, Digital Controller for the DLP3010 DMD
  • DLPA2005, PMIC/LED Driver for the DLP3010 DMD and DLPC3478 controller
  • Production ready RGB LED optical engine from Eprotech
  • DLP3010, DLPC3478 Configuration and Support Firmware
Polyga’s 3D Scanner Evaluation (EVM) Kit is an open and easy-to-use 3D scanning platform to evaluate 3D imaging technology for embedded applications in the consumer and industrial markets. This turnkey structured-light 3D imaging optical module is based on TI DLP® Technology featuring the (...)
The DLP® Display and Light Control evaluation module (EVM) includes a Windows®-based GUI tool used to control the EVM through SPI and I2C commands.
  • Information page lets user get the status of the EVM
  • Patterns and images page lets user set display patterns and images to the device and check which pattern is displayed
  • Video and color page lets user modify the type of video output given to the device and choose from select color temperatures
  • Display (...)
Customers incorporating DLP technology can use the DLP Products Optical Module Search Tool to identify products that meet their end equipment specifications, procure production ready optical modules, and help accelerate their development and time to market. The optical module manufacturers (OMM (...)
  • Includes display, light control, and automotive modules
  • Search by end equipment or optical specifications
  • Links to company and product websites

Software development

DLP® Controller API
DLPC-API — The DLP® Pico™ Display and Light Control API (DLPC-API) is an API (application programming interface) intended to control the DLPC34xx chipset. The DLPC34xx chipset is composed of the DLPC34xx controller, an associated DMD, and an associated PMIC. The API only explicitly supports the DMDs (...)

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