Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Library for MSP Microcontrollers


Release Date:  08 May 2018

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  Title Version Description Size
Windows Installer for MSP-DSPLib Windows Installer for MSP-DSPLib 43948 K
Linux Installer for MSP-DSPLib Linux Installer for MSP-DSPLib 86665 K
Mac Installer for MSP-DSPLib Mac Installer for MSP-DSPLib 29377 K
TI Resource Explorer MSP430 DSPLib Library in Cloud TI Resource Explorer
MSP430 DSPLib User's Guide MSP430 DSPLib User's Guide

Supported products & hardware

Supported product family

What's New?

The following changes have been added to MSP Graphics Library:

  • Added support for MSP430FR2355 and DSPLib functions in ROM.
  • Updated benchmark functions to support TIMER_B when TIMER_A isn’t available.
  • Added defines for C std types not defined in C++.
  • Fixed issue with msp_fir_q15 function not restoring mpy context before returning.
  • Fixed issue where msp_lea_locked was not inititalized in some instances.
  • Fixed example code warning for FRAM devices not clearing LOCKIO bit.
  • Minor updates to API documentation.
  • Added ROM usage guide.
  • Updated manifest.

Release Information

The Texas Instruments® Digital Signal Processing library is a set of highly optimized functions to perform many common signal processing operations on fixed-point numbers for MSP430™ microcontrollers. This function set is typically utilized for applications where processing-intensive transforms are done in real-time for minimal energy and with very high accuracy. This library’s optimal utilization of the MSP families’ intrinsic hardware for fixed-point math allows for significant performance gains.

Previous versions

  • (08 May 2018)