MSP Graphics Library


Release Date:  31 Jul 2020

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  Title Version Description Size
MSP430GRLIB Package MSP430GRLIB Package 5546 K
MSP430GRLIB Image Reformer Utility MSP430GRLIB Image Reformer Utility 56832 K
MSP430 Graphic Library API Guide MSP430 Graphics Library API Guide
TI Resource Explorer MSP430 Graphics Library in Cloud TI Resource Explorer

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What's New?

The following changes have been added to MSP Graphics Library:

  • This version of grlib has been updated to be compliant with the CMSIS-Core standard header files for MSP432. Refer to for detailed changes, conversion guide and background information
  • The base address/module instance name in MSP432 code examples have been changed from {PERIPHERAL_NAME}_MODULE to {PERIPHERAL_NAME}_BASE per the new device header file definitions. For example TIMER_A0_MODULE to TIMER_A0_BASE
  • The driverlib code examples have been updated with the following new files per each IDE requirement
    • system_msp432p401r.c
    • startup_msp432p401r_ccs.c
    • startup_msp432p401r_ewarm.c

Release Information

The MSP Graphics Library is a royalty-free set of graphics primitives for creating graphical user interfaces on MSP microcontroller-based boards that have a graphical display. The graphical library consists of two building layers of functionality: the display driver layer, specific to the display in use; and the graphics primitives layer, which draws points, lines, rectangles, circles, text, and bitmap images

Previous versions

  • (31 Jul 2020)