Non-military drones

Higher efficiency. More control. Longer flight times.

Our integrated circuit reference designs for non-military drones help engineers create solutions with optimized and higher performance, and better control, leading to longer flight times.

non-military drone diagram

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Drone propeller ESC - electronic speed controller

Control the thrust, direction and position of flight with an extremely fast dynamic response.

Drone battery pack

Enable highly reliable battery management solutions (BMS) for monitoring, protecting, balancing and gauging for different Li-ion battery pack architectures, focusing on 2S to 14S applications.

Drone flight controller system

Flight controller hardware with optimized performance, better control and efficiency with our microcontrollers, power devices, wired communication interfaces and wireless connectivity solutions.

Drone vision

Support smooth landings and collision avoidance. View a range of different sensing solutions (ultrasonic, LIDAR, mmwave sensors and ADAS vision) which can be operated in tandem.

Drone payload control

Design gimbal motor control hardware systems with optimized performance and better efficiency, thereby helping products achieve better flight times.

Drone remote controller

Design simple handheld devices to complex computer control stations. Find reference designs and IC products that offer multiple wireless connectivity options for a variety of ranges and power.

Drone accessories

Accessories, such as battery chargers, can further enhance performance. Our reference designs are compact and offer high efficiency, low standby power, robust protection and thermal performance.

Drone resources

Learn about solutions for drone electronic speed controllers (ESCs) that will help manufacturers create drones with longer flight times and a smoother and more stable performance.