INA231 28V, Bi-Directional, Low-/High-Side, I2C Out Current/Power Monitor w/Alert in WCSP |


28V, Bi-Directional, Low-/High-Side, I2C Out Current/Power Monitor w/Alert in WCSP



The INA231 is a current-shunt and power monitor with a 1.8-V compliant I2C interface that features 16 programmable addresses. The INA231 monitors both shunt voltage drops and bus supply voltage, providing increased protection by asserting the ALERT pin if the values are outside the programmed range. Programmable calibration value, conversion time, and averaging, combined with an internal multiplier, enable direct readouts of current in amperes and power in watts, thus reducing host processing.

The INA231 senses current on bus voltages that vary from 0 V to 28 V, with the device powered from a single 2.7-V to 5.5-V supply, drawing 330 µA (typical) of supply current. The INA231 is specified over the operating temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.

The INA231 is available in two versions: the INA231A starts up performing continuous conversions of the shunt and bus voltage, whereas the INA231B starts up in low-current, power-down mode.


  • Bus Voltage Sensing From 0 V to 28 V
  • High- or Low-Side Sensing
  • Current, Voltage, and Power Reporting
  • High Accuracy:
    • 0.5% Gain Error (Max)
    • 50-µV Offset (Max)
  • Configurable Averaging Options
  • Programmable Alert Threshold
  • 1.8-V I2C Compliant
  • Power-Supply Operation: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Start-Up Mode Options:
    • INA231A: Active Conversion
    • INA231B: Low-Current Power Down

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INA231 Error Analysis

0.001m ≤ 
 mOhm ≤ 100m
0.0001 ≤ 
A ≤ 100 
2.7 ≤ 
V ≤ 36
0 ≤ 
V ≤ 36
-40 ≤ 
C ≤ 125


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Part number Order Common mode voltage (Max) (V) Common mode voltage (Min) (V) Input offset (+/-) (Max) (uV) Input offset drift (+/-) (Typ) (uV/C) Gain (V/V) Gain error (%) Gain error drift (+/-) (Max) (ppm/°C) CMRR (Min) (dB) Bandwidth (kHz) Supply voltage (Max) (V) Supply voltage (Min) (V) Iq (Max) (mA) Digital interface Features Rating Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
INA231 Order now 28     0     50     0.1     1     0.5     50     100     3.5     5.5     2.7     0.42     I2C
Alert Function
Low-side Capable    
Catalog     -40 to 125     DSBGA | 12     See datasheet (DSBGA)