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High-Resolution Analog-to-Digital Converter



The ADS1282-SP is a radiation-tolerant extremely high-performance, single-chip analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with an integrated, low-noise programmable gain amplifier (PGA) and two-channel input multiplexer (MUX). ADS1282-SP is suitable for the demanding needs of space applications providing ultra-precision performance while maintaining radiation tolerance suitable for a large variety of satellites, payloads, sensing and other harsh environment applications.

The converter uses a fourth-order, inherently stable, delta-sigma (ΔΣ) modulator that provides outstanding noise and linearity performance. The modulator is used either in conjunction with the on-chip digital filter, or can be bypassed for use with post processing filters.

The flexible input MUX provides an additional external input for measurement, as well as internal self-test connections. The PGA features outstanding low noise (5 nV/√Hz) and high input impedance, allowing easy interfacing to transducers over a wide range of gains.

The digital filter provides selectable data rates from 250 to 4000 samples per second (SPS). The high-pass filter (HPF) features an adjustable corner frequency. On-chip gain and offset scaling registers support system calibration.

The synchronization input (SYNC) can be used to synchronize the conversions of multiple ADS1282s. The SYNC input also accepts a clock input for continuous alignment of conversions from an external source.

Together, the amplifier, modulator, and filter dissipate 30 mW. The ADS1282-SP is fully specified from –55°C to 125°C.


  • QMLV (QML Class V) MIL-PRF-38535 Qualified and Radiation Hardness Assured (RHA), SMD 5962-14231
    • 5962L1423101VXC - Qualified over the Military Temperature Range (–55°C to 125°C)
    • 5962L1423102VXC - Qualified over Reduced Temperature Range (–55°C to 115°C) for Improved Dynamic Performance
  • 5962L14231:
    • Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) up to Total Ionizing Dose (TID) 50 kRAD (Si)
    • Single Event Latchup (SEL) Immune to LET = 50 MeV-cm2/mg at 125°C
    • Single Event Latchup (SEL) Immune to LET = 60 MeV-cm2/mg at 85°C
  • High Resolution: 124-dB SNR (1000 SPS)
  • High Accuracy: THD: –102 dB
    INL: 0.5 ppm
  • Low-Noise PGA
  • Two-Channel Input MUX
  • Inherently-Stable Modulator With Fast Responding Over-Range Detection
  • Flexible Digital Filter:
    • Sinc + FIR + IIR (Selectable)
    • Linear or Minimum Phase Response
    • Programmable High-Pass Filter
    • Selectable FIR Data Rates:
      250 SPS to 4 kSPS
  • Filter Bypass Option
  • Low-Power Consumption: 25 mW
  • Offset and Gain Calibration Engine
  • SYNC Input
  • Analog Supply: Unipolar (5 V) or Bipolar (±2.5 V)
  • Digital Supply: 1.75 to 3.3 V

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Resolution (Bits)
Sample Rate (Max) (kSPS)
Number of input channels
Operating temperature range (C)
Package Group
Power consumption (Typ) (mW)
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
Input type
Multi-channel configuration
Reference mode
Input range (Max) (V)
Input range (Min) (V)
Analog voltage AVDD (Min) (V)
Analog voltage AVDD (Max) (V)
Digital supply (Min) (V)
Digital supply (Max) (V)
INL (Max) (+/-LSB)
SNR (dB)
THD (Typ) (dB)
ADS1282-SP ADC128S102QML-SP ADS1278-SP
31     12     24    
4     1000     128    
2     8     8    
SPI     Microwire (Serial I/O)
-55 to 115
-55 to 125
25 to 25    
-55 to 125
25 Only    
-55 to 115
-55 to 125
25 to 25    
CFP | 28     CFP | 16     CFP | 84    
25     2.3     530    
See datasheet (CFP)     See datasheet (CFP)     See datasheet (CFP)    
Delta-Sigma     SAR     Delta-Sigma    
Differential     Single-Ended     Differential    
Multiplexed     Multiplexed     Simultaneous Sampling    
Ext     Supply     Ext    
PGA       Daisy-Chainable    
5.25     5.25    
0     0    
4.75     2.7     4.75    
5.25     5.25     5.25    
1.65     2.7     1.65    
3.6     5.25     2.2    
17179.9     1.1     201.4    
122     72      
130     72     111    
-122     -87     -108    
Space     Space     Space