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This product is prototype/experimental and has not been released to the market. Testing and final processes may not be complete. This product may be subject to further changes or possible discontinuation.
2.7-GHz, 13-V, decompensated 7-V/V, FET-input operational amplifier


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The OPA818 is a decompensated (gain = 7 V/V stable), voltage-feedback operational amplifier with a low-noise junction gate field-effect transistor (JFET) input stage that combines high gain-bandwidth with a wide supply range from 6 V to 13 V for high-speed and wide dynamic range applications. This amplifier is manufactured using Texas Instruments’ proprietary, high-speed, silicon-germanium (SiGe) process to achieve significant performance improvements over other high-speed, FET-input amplifiers. A fast slew rate (1400 V/µs) provides high large-signal bandwidth and low distortion.

The 2.7-GHz gain-bandwidth, low 2.4-pF total input capacitance, and 2.2 nV/√Hz of noise makes the OPA818 an extremely versatile, wideband TIA photodiode amplifier for use in optical test and communication equipment, and many medical, scientific, and industrial instruments. The OPA818 can achieve over 85-MHz signal bandwidth in TIA configuration with 20-kΩ TIA gain (RF) and 0.5-pF photodiode capacitance (CD) with wide output swings. The decompensated, low-noise architecture with pico amperes of input bias current is also well-suited for high-gain test and measurement applications that have variable or high source impedance. Though normally stable in gains ≥ 7 V/V, the OPA818 can be used in applications with lower gains by applying noise-gain shaping techniques.

The OPA818 is available in an 8-lead WSON package with an exposed thermal pad for heat dissipation. This device is specified to operate over the industrial temperature range of –40°C to +85°C.


  • High speed:
    • Gain-bandwidth product: 2.7 GHz
    • Bandwidth (G = 7 V/V): 790 MHz
    • Large-signal bandwidth (2 VPP): 400 MHz
    • Slew rate: 1400 V/µs
  • Decompensated gain: 7-V/V stable
  • Low noise:
    • Input voltage noise: 2.2 nV/√Hz
    • Input current noise: 2.5 fA/√Hz (f = 10 kHz)
  • Input bias current: 4 pA (typ)
  • Low input capacitance:
    • Common-mode: 1.9 pF
    • Differential mode: 0.5 pF
  • Low distortion (G = 7 V/V, RL = 1 kΩ, VO = 2 VPP):
    • HD2, HD3 at 1 MHz: –90 dBc, –96 dBc
    • HD2, HD3 at 50 MHz: –57 dBc, –72 dBc
  • Wide supply range: 6 V to 13 V
  • Output swing: 8 VPP (VS = 10 V)
  • Supply current: 27.7 mA
  • Shutdown supply current: 27 µA
  • Temperature range: –40°C to +85°C

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