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How to design heating and cooling systems for HEV/EVs

The move to HEV/EVs requires HVAC system design changes. This paper provides an overview of new heating and cooling control modules, their unique subsystems and functional solutions.

Evolving automotive gateways for next-generation vehicles (Rev. B)

Automotive gateways architectures are changing rapidly to efficiently process and move vast amounts of data within the car. Learn more about these architectures in this white paper.

Evolution vs. revolution: the building blocks of automotive body electronics

Learn more about the evolution of automotive body electronics and the importance of building blocks in this sector.

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Automotive Infotainment EE Buck Converter/Controller Selection Guide (Rev. B) PDF 268 15 Apr 2021

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Connecting Zonal Automotive Architectures with PCIe PDF 1566 29 Mar 2021
Driving High-Voltage Contactors in EV and HEVs PDF 443 05 Feb 2021
Achieving High Efficiency and Enabling Integration in EV Powertrain Subsystems PDF 972 18 Nov 2020