Telecom and Media Libraries - FAXLIB, VoLIB and AEC/AER for TMS320C64x+ and TMS320C55x Processors




Voice Library - VoLIB provides components that, together, facilitate the development of the signal processing chain for Voice over IP applications such as infrastructure, enterprise, residential gateways and IP phones. Together with optimized implementations of ITU-T voice codecs, that can be acquired from TI separately, the components of VoLIB satisfy most of the fundamental building blocks required to develop a complete VoIP signal processing chain.


Fax Library - FAXLIB provides components that allow a development team to reduce time-to-market by providing the major building blocks of a fax relay processing system. The library contains reliable field-hardened fax relay processing software.


Acoustic Echo Cancellation/Removal (AEC/AER) - AER serves the purpose of removing and minimizing the impact of acoustic echo in a phone or other similar devices or systems. The acoustic echo is generated by the coupling between the speaker and the microphone of the same device or system. When the system is operated in hands-free mode, the acoustic echo can be very strong, and may be even higher than the direct speech power generated by the near-end talker.


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  • Telogy Software Line Echo Canceller (ECU)
  • Tone Detection Unit (TDU)
  • Caller ID Detection/Generation (CID)
  • Tone Generation Unit (TGU)
  • Voice Activity Detection Unit (VAU)
  • Noise Matching Functions
  • Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)
  • Voice Enhancement Unit (VEU)  


  • Fax Interface Unit (FIU)
  • Fax Modem (FM)
  • High-level Data Link Control (HDLC) 


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  • Automatic Microphone Gain Control (AGC)
  • Transducer Equalization (EQ)
  • Dynamic Range Compression (DRC)
  • Adaptive Spectral Noise Reduction (ASNR)


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