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RDS (on) (Milliohm) 50 VDS (Max) (V) 600 ID (Max) (A) 12 Rating Catalog open-in-new Find other Gallium nitride (GaN) ICs

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VQFN (RWH) 32 open-in-new Find other Gallium nitride (GaN) ICs


  • TI GaN FET reliability qualified with in-application hard-switching accelerated stress profiles
  • Enables high density power conversion designs
    • Superior system performance over cascode or stand-alone GaN FETs
    • Low inductance 8 mm x 8 mm QFN package for ease of design, and layout
    • Adjustable drive strength for switching performance and EMI control
    • Digital fault status output signal
    • Only +12 V unregulated supply needed
  • Integrated gate driver
    • Zero common source inductance
    • 20 ns Propagation delay for MHz operation
    • Trimmed gate bias voltage to compensate for threshold variations ensures reliable switching
    • 25 to 100V/ns User adjustable slew rate
  • Robust protection
    • Requires no external protection components
    • Overcurrent protection with less than 100 ns response
    • Greater than 150 V/ns Slew rate immunity
    • Transient overvoltage immunity
    • Overtemperature protection
    • Under voltage lock out (UVLO) Protection on all supply rails
  • Robust protection
    • LMG3410R050: Latched overcurrent protection
    • LMG3411R050: Cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection
    open-in-new Find other Gallium nitride (GaN) ICs


    The LMG341xR050 GaN power stage with integrated driver and protection enables designers to achieve new levels of power density and efficiency in power electronics systems. The LMG341x’s inherent advantages over silicon MOSFETs include ultra-low input and output capacitance, zero reverse recovery to reduce switching losses by as much as 80%, and low switch node ringing to reduce EMI. These advantages enable dense and efficient topologies like the totem-pole PFC.

    The LMG341xR050 provides a smart alternative to traditional cascode GaN and standalone GaN FETs by integrating a unique set of features to simplify design, maximize reliability and optimize the performance of any power supply. Integrated gate drive enables 100 V/ns switching with near zero Vds ringing, less than 100 ns current limiting response self-protects against unintended shoot-through events, overtemperature shutdown prevents thermal runaway, and system interface signals provide self-monitoring capability.

    open-in-new Find other Gallium nitride (GaN) ICs

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    * Data sheet LMG341xR050 600-V 50-mΩ Integrated GaN Fet Power Stage With Overcurrent Protection datasheet (Rev. B) Jan. 16, 2020
    White paper Achieving GaN Products With Lifetime Reliability Jun. 02, 2021
    White paper TI GaN FET와 C2000™ 실시간 MCU를 결합하여 전력 밀도가 높고 효율적인 전원 시스템 달성 Mar. 18, 2021
    White paper 結合 TI GaN FETs 與 C2000™ 即時 MCU,實現功率密集與有效率的數位電源系統 Mar. 18, 2021
    White paper Achieve Power-Dense and Efficient Digital Power Systems by Combining TI GaN FETs Jan. 05, 2021
    White paper Achieving High Efficiency and Enabling Integration in EV Powertrain Subsystems Nov. 18, 2020
    More literature A Generalized Approach to Determine the Switching Lifetime of a GaN FET Oct. 20, 2020
    Application note Wide-bandgap semiconductors: Performance and benefits of GaN versus SiC Sep. 22, 2020
    Application note Thermal Considerations for Designing a GaN Power Stage (Rev. B) Aug. 04, 2020
    More literature GaN FET Reliability to Power-line Surges Under Use-conditions Mar. 25, 2019
    User guide Using the LMG341xEVM-018 Half-bridge and LMG34XX-BB--EVM breakout board EVM (Rev. A) Mar. 08, 2019
    Technical article 20 million GaN reliability hours and counting Feb. 28, 2019
    Application note Third quadrant operation of GaN Feb. 25, 2019
    Technical article Gallium nitride: supporting applications from watts to kilowatts Dec. 19, 2018
    Technical article 20 million reasons to use GaN Nov. 08, 2018
    Application note Overcurrent Protection in High-Density GaN Power Designs Oct. 19, 2018
    More literature Product-level Reliability of GaN Devices Apr. 26, 2016
    White paper Application-Relevant Qualification of Emerging Semiconductor Power Devices, GaN Mar. 31, 2016

    Design & development

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    Hardware development

    document-generic User guide

    The LMG34XX-BB-EVM is an easy to use breakout board to configure any LMG341x half bridge board, such as the LMG3410-HB-EVM, as a synchronous buck converter. By providing a power stage, bias power and logic circuitry this EVM allows for quick measurements of the GaN device switching. This EVM is (...)

    • Input voltage operates up to 600 V
    • Simple open loop design to evaluate half-bridge performance of LMG341x daughter cards
    • Single PWM input on board for PWM signal with 50 ns dead time
    • Convenient probe points for logic and power stage measurements with oscilloscope probes that have short ground spring (...)
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    document-generic User guide
    LMG3410EVM-018 configures two LMG3410R050 600-V GaN FETs with Integrated driver and protection, in a half bridge. This EVM comes with all the necessary auxiliary peripheral circuitry, and is designed to work in conjunction with larger systems.
    • Input voltage operates up to 600 V
    • Simple open loop design to evaluate performance of LMG3410R050
    • Single PWM input on board for PWM signal with 50 ns dead time
    • Convenient probe points for logic and power stage measurements with oscilloscope probes that have short ground spring probes

    Design tools & simulation

    SNOM689A.ZIP (44 KB) - PSpice Model
    PSpice® for TI design and simulation tool
    PSPICE-FOR-TI — PSpice® for TI is a design and simulation environment that helps evaluate functionality of analog circuits. This full-featured, design and simulation suite uses an analog analysis engine from Cadence®. Available at no cost, PSpice for TI includes one of the largest model libraries in the (...)
    • Leverages Cadence PSpice Technology
    • Preinstalled library with a suite of digital models to enable worst-case timing analysis
    • Dynamic updates ensure you have access to most current device models
    • Optimized for simulation speed without loss of accuracy
    • Supports simultaneous analysis of multiple products
    • (...)

    Reference designs

    6.6-kW three-phase, three-level ANPC inverter/PFC bidirectional power stage reference design
    TIDA-010210 — This reference design provides a design template for implementing a three-level, three-phase, silicon carbide/gallium nitride (SiC/GaN) based ANPC inverter power stage. The use of fast-switching power devices makes it possible to switch at a higher frequency of 100 kHz, reducing the size of (...)
    document-generic Schematic
    4-kW interleaved CCM totem pole bridgeless PFC reference design using C2000™ MCU and GaN
    PMP40690 — This reference design is a 4-kW interleaved CCM totem pole (TTPL) bridgeless PFC reference design using a 64-pin C2000™ microcontroller, LM3410 gallium nitride device and TMCS1100 hall sensor. It is based on TIDM-02008 bidirectional interleaved CCM TTPL bridgeless PFC reference (...)
    document-generic Schematic

    CAD/CAE symbols

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    Ordering & quality

    Information included:
    • RoHS
    • REACH
    • Device marking
    • Lead finish/Ball material
    • MSL rating/Peak reflow
    • MTBF/FIT estimates
    • Material content
    • Qualification summary
    • Ongoing reliability monitoring

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