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Enabling leading-edge space designs for more than six decades, our design resources and product portfolio are RHA and radiation-tolerant, supporting a range of reliability standards. By offering a proven continuity of supply, we help you launch innovative and long operating-life technologies to space more quickly, all while maintaining high quality and dependability. Ready for take-off?

Featured applications

Navigate through interactive block diagrams to find products and reference designs tailored to support the longevity and dependability of your next mission. Design smarter, more energy efficient systems that are optimized against harsh environmental conditions. Whether you are designing for deep space travel, low earth orbit or anywhere in between, take your design to new heights with us.

Command & data handling (C&DH)

Integrated circuits and reference designs for command and data handling systems, complete with schematics, test data and design files:

Communications payload

Integrated circuits and reference designs for communications payload systems, complete with schematics, test data and design files:

Optical imaging payload

Imaging satellites continuously monitor the planet for various tasks such as weather, mapping, or surveillance.

Radar imaging payload

Our space qualified integrated circuits and reference designs help you create next-generation radar payloads to monitor surface conditions from space with maximum performance.

Satellite electrical power system (EPS)

Satellites harness power from solar panels to power the spacecraft. This high voltage supply needs to be stored and converted for all the on board electronics.

Featured reference designs

Featured products

Space ICs are for the high-radiation environment of space, including radiation hardness assured (RHA), radiation tolerant, extended temperature, ceramic and space enhanced plastic.


Rad hard assured 3.0-V to 6.3-V input, 6-A synchronous step down converter.


Space grade 40-MHz to 15-GHz wideband synthesizer with phase synchronization and JESD204B support .


Space grade, 12-bit, dual 3.2-GSPS or single 6.4-GSPS, RF-sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC)


Radiation hardness assured 1.5-V to 7-V, 6-A load switch.

New Space Enhanced Plastic (Space EP) portfolio

The Space Enhanced Plastic (Space EP) portfolio was developed for applications that do not require the strict radiation qualifications provided with traditional space products. An extension of our proven radiation-hardened portfolio, Space EP solutions are designed for the emerging low Earth orbit (LEO) commercial satellite market supporting short mission life and requirements for small size. Space EP products are characterized for total dose and single event radiation performance. They reduce the size and weight of these new satellite systems while also reducing risks associated with using upscreened commercial devices for LEO satellites and launch vehicles.


Radiation-assured 1.8-V to 40-V supply voltage supervisor


Radiation-assured 1-A low-noise, fast transient response LDO.


Radiation-hardened 2.2-V-to-36-V, microPower quad comparator.


Radiation-hardened 80-V, low- or high-side, zero-drift current-sense amplifier.

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