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Highly robust, flexible and universally compatible devices for many applications

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Build smaller, more robust designs for many applications using our flexible and universally compatible isolated gate drivers. From basic and functional isolation to reinforced isolation, our isolated gate drivers allow you to create designs that protect from electrical shock while providing more protection for high-voltage levels.

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Functional & basic isolation

Provide a single level of electrical isolation up to 3 kVRMS and sufficient protection against electrical shock.

Reinforced isolation

Enable isolation up to a 5.7 kVRMS to help provide protection from electric shock while also offering higher working voltages, wider creepage and clearance for improved system robustness.

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Isolated DC/DC bias supply converters & modules

Pair your isolated gate driver with an isolated bias supply from our isolated DC/DC converter and modules portfolio.

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UCC21755-Q1 NEW

Automotive ±10-A isolated single-channel gate driver with active protection, and isolated sensing

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 2.86
UCC21737-Q1 NEW

Automotive 10-A isolated single-channel gate driver for SiC/IGBT, active short-circuit protection

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 2.443
UCC5871-Q1 NEW

Automotive 30-A isolated 5.7-kV VRMS IGBT/SiC MOSFET gate driver with advanced protection features

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 4.98

Power trends

Isolated gate drivers for power density & isolation

An isolation device allows data and power transfer between high- and low-voltage units, while preventing hazardous DC or uncontrolled transient current flowing from the grid. Isolation robustness is realized by integrating the isolator with the high-speed gate driver. Gate drivers are available in basic, functional and reinforced isolation and accept low-power input from a controller IC to produce the appropriate high-current gate drive for a MOSFET, IGBT, SiC or GaN power switch.

Protecting power devices in electric vehicle applications
This presentation discusses the isolated gate drivers features that enable ASIL-rated applications and protect power devices from damaging conditions. 
White paper
A High-Performance, Integrated Powertrain Solution: The Key to EV Adoption (Rev. A)
This paper examines the benefits of integrated powertrain solutions using wide band-gap semiconductor switches and isolated gate drivers to speed adoption of electric vehicles.
Application note
HEV/EV Traction Inverter Design Guide Using Isolated IGBT and SiC Gate Drivers (Rev. B)
This application report describes how to design a HEV/EV traction inverter drive system using the diagnostic and protection features of our isolated gate drivers.
Featured products for power density & isolation
UCC5870-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 3.75kVrms 30A single-channel functional safety isolated gate driver for IGBT/SiC
UCC21732-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 5.7-kVrms ±10A single-channel isolated gate driver with 2-level turn off for IGBT/SiCFETs
UCC21750-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 5.7kVrms, ±10A single-channel isolated gate driver w/ DESAT & internal clamp for IGBT/SiC

Technical resources

White paper
White paper
Impact of an isolated gate driver (Rev. A)
This white paper explains the benefits and requirements of isolated gate drivers as a function of a power switch.
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Certifications for isolated gate drivers
We make sure our devices meet worldwide industry standards for automotive and industrial designs. Multiple independent certification laboratories test and certify our isolated devices for electrical insulation strength. 
Isolated gate driver 101
Learn about isolation technologies through a study of the datasheet insulation table and isolation testing methodologies as well as best practices to optimize system performance with our state-of-the-art isolated gate drivers.

Design & development resources

Reference design
Three-phase inverter reference design for 200-480 VAC drives with opto-emulated input gate drivers
This reference design realizes a reinforced isolated three-phase inverter subsystem using isolated IGBT gate drivers and isolated current/voltage sensors. The UCC23513 gate driver used has a 6-pin wide body package with optical LED emulated inputs which enables its use as pin-to-pin replacement to (...)
Reference design
10-kW, bidirectional three-phase three-level (T-type) inverter and PFC reference design
This verified reference design provides an overview on how to implement a three-level three-phase SiC based DC:AC T-type inverter stage. Higher switching frequency of 50KHz reduces the size of magnetics for the filter design and enables higher power density. The use of SiC MOSFETs with switching (...)
Reference design
98.6% Efficiency, 6.6-kW Totem-Pole PFC Reference Design for HEV/EV Onboard Charger
This reference design functions from a base of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs that are driven by a C2000 microcontroller (MCU) with SiC-isolated gate drivers. The design implements three-phase interleaving and operates in continuous conduction mode (CCM) to achieve a 98.46% efficiency at a 240-V (...)

Reference designs related to Isolated gate drivers

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