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60 V Half-Bridge NexFET™ Power Block



The CSD88599Q5DC 60-V power block is an optimized design for high-current motor control applications, such as handheld, cordless garden and power tools. This device utilizes TI’s stacked die technology in order to minimize parasitic inductances while offering a complete half bridge in a space saving thermally enhanced DualCool™ 5-mm × 6-mm package. With an exposed metal top, this power block device allows for simple heat sink application to draw heat out through the top of the package and away from the PCB, for superior thermal performance at the higher currents demanded by many motor control applications.


  • Half-Bridge Power Block
  • High-Density SON 5-mm × 6-mm Footprint
  • Low RDS(ON) for Minimized Conduction Losses
    • 3.0-W PLoss at 30 A
  • DualCool™ Thermally Enhanced Package
  • Ultra-Low-Inductance Package
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Halogen Free
  • Lead-Free Terminal Plating

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Parametrics Compare all products in Power blocks

Power loss (W)
Ploss current (A)
ID, continuous drain current at Ta=25degC (A)
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
Operating temperature range (C)
Duty cycle (Typ) (%)
CSD88599Q5DC CSD88584Q5DC
20     20    
60     40    
3.0     2.4    
30     35    
40     50    
22VSON-CLIP: 30 mm2: 5 x 6 (VSON-CLIP | 22)     22VSON-CLIP: 30 mm2: 5 x 6 (VSON-CLIP | 22)    
-55 to 150     -55 to 150    
Motor control     Motor control    
40     40