Design smarter, high-performance medical systems using our analog and embedded processing products and expertise

We remain committed to helping you innovate and accelerate your medical designs. Whether you’re working on prevention, diagnosis or treatment applications, our products and design resources are aimed at getting your projects to market as quickly as possible. 

Why choose TI for medical applications?


Deliver continuous innovation

Designed with medical in mind, our comprehensive analog and embedded processing portfolio equips you with the breakthrough technology you need.


Improve SNR for enhanced imaging quality

By minimizing interference with other components in your design, our low-noise devices enable you to get the most out of your imaging systems.


Easily meet medical design safety requirements

Supporting standards such as the IEC 60601-1, our integrated isolated devices and power modules help you save design time and support your medical safety features.


Extend your battery life

Our low Iq signal chain, power and low power connectivity solutions extend battery and shelf life, so  you can get the most out of your batteries.

Engineering smarter, high-performance medical systems

Wide range of analog front-ends across patient monitoring and imaging

Our analog front-ends have a strong heritage in clinical and wellness systems. Our biosensing AFEs offer an entire standalone and multi-modal analog signal chain for ECG, PPG, EEG, and ICG.  Our ultrasound AFE portfolio features a wide assortment of highly-integrated, analog front-end solutions for premium, high to mid-end, cart-based systems, and portable ultrasound systems. 

Find products that offer flexibility in combinations of: 

  • Channel count interfaces (LVDS/JESD)
  • Time gain compensation (TGC)
  • Continuous wave (CW) mode signal bandwidths
  • Power versus noise trade-offs
  • High-channel count X-ray and CT scanners 
AFE5832 Tech Note
Read about how these analog front ends make it possible todelivery ≥ 64-CH ultrasound systems to rural physicians and remote villages at a fraction of the price of traditional systems.
Analog Design Journal
Design and analysis of a TGC circuit to drive the control voltage
Learn how our low-noise analog front ends (AFEs) have a time-gain control (TGC) feature that supports ultrasound applications because they can alter the gain of the receiver as a function of time.
Evolving Semiconductor Technologies for Modern Telehealth Applications
Health care continues to evolve toward self-treatment and away from in-person appointments. Learn how new  technologies have given access to health care tools for self-monitoring and remote treatments.
Integrated Analog Front End (AFE) に関する主な製品
新製品 AFE4960 アクティブ 呼吸検出機能と心拍検出機能内蔵、2 チャネル ECG (心電計) アナログ・フロント・エンド
新製品 TX7516 アクティブ 16 チャネル 5 レベル・トランスミッタ
AFE58JD48 アクティブ 16 ビット、125MSPS A/D コンバータ (ADC) 搭載、12.8GB、 JESD204B、超音波 AFE

Ultra-Low noise power and low EMI for high precision and sensitive signal chain performance

The need for low-noise LDO regulators and switching converters, precision monitoring and reliable protection is fundamental to enabling precision signal chain in medical applications, such as imaging and patient monitoring. Our dedicated power process technologies and advanced circuit and test techniques, increase accuracy, minimize distortion and reduce noise across both linear and switching power converters. Mitigating a switching regulator EMI can be a major challenge for many power-supply designers. Our devices with built-in EMI-reduction technologies help save design time while supporting you to comply with medical safety standard IEC60601-1. 

時間節約と費用効果に優れた EMI 削減のイノベーション
Learn about how, as electronic systems become increasingly dense and interconnected, reducing the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) becomes an increasingly critical system design consideration.
LDO basics: noise – how a noise-reduction pin improves system performance
Understand why selecting a low-noise LDO and taking steps to reduce internal noise are integral to generating clean supply rails that won’t compromise system performance.
Longterm Drift in Voltage References
This application note describes the Long-Term Drift parameter. Factors which affect it, how it is measured and gives sample profiles of some of our precision voltage references.
ultra-low noise and Low EMI power に関する主な製品
新製品 TPS7A94 アクティブ 1A、超低ノイズ、超高 PSRR、RF 電圧レギュレータ
LMQ61460-Q1 アクティブ 車載、複数のコンデンサ内蔵、3V ~ 36V、6A、低 EMI、低ノイズ、同期整流降圧コンバータ
REF70 アクティブ 低ノイズ、低ドリフト、超高精度電圧リファレンス

High-voltage isolation for robust and reliable system operation

Our isolation portfolio combines the highest working-voltage and highest reliability to enable extended system lifetime and protection across medical applications, such as patient monitoring, AED and infusion pumps. 

Our isolation portfolio is able to supply isolated signals with efficient, compact and high-performance isolated power. 

Creepage, clearance, and distance through insulation (DTI) are critical distances that are evaluated in any medical equipment certification of digital isolators as per IEC60601-1 medical standard. When medical equipment manufacturers choose our certified digital isolators for their design, they are confident that the insulation performance has been verified by third-party certification bodies. 

Topology Selection for Isolated Power Supplies in Patient Monitor and Ultrasound (Rev. A)
This application report talks about different topologies for isolated power and data. It dwells deeper into the critical challenges associated with isolated power and data such as output regulation, feedback mechanism and more.
MSP430 Motion Detector using integrated Smart Analog Combo
Certification of digital isolators to equipment standards is not only possible but highly recommended for semiconductor suppliers, as it makes the equipment manufacturer’s safety approval process much easier.
high-voltage isolation に関する主な製品
新製品 ISOUSB211 アクティブ 低電磁波、ハイスピード、フルスピード、ロースピードに対応する絶縁型 USB リピータ
UCC12050 アクティブ 500-mW、高効率、5-kVrms、絶縁型 DC/DC コンバータ
ISO7741 アクティブ 信頼性の高い EMC 特性、クワッドチャネル、3/1、強化絶縁型デジタル・アイソレータ

Transform healthcare with artificial intelligence

Get the most out of your designs with high-performance computer vision, sensor fusion and AI processing with easily-programmable hardware accelerators across our processor families. Design fast with Python, TensorFlow Lite, ONNX Runtime, TVM, GStreamer, Docker and ROS and go to market in less time with production-ready solutions with our TI Edge AI ecosystem. Whether it’s a simple design or more complex, ignite your innovation with extensive and easy-to-use hardware, software, and tools, including online access to industry experts.

PRU-ICSS Feature Comparison (Rev. G)
This application report documents the feature differences between the PRU Subsystems available on our processors.
Directly connect an ADC to microprocessor with Sitara MPU and MCU
This demo video explores the use of our ADC-PHI-PRU-EVM Adapter to connect a Sitara MPU and precision ADC. Watch now to see how you can save BOM cost and board space.
Process This: Simplify your design and reduce the cost of your data acquisition system
FPGA based data acquisition systems use three different devices to convert and process data. In this webinar, learn how you can simplify your system and reduce costs with our energy efficient AM64x processor.
enabling AI に関する主な製品
新製品 AM625 アクティブ Arm® Cortex®-A53 ベースのエッジ側 AI とフル HD デュアル・ディスプレイを組み合わせた、人間と機械の対話型操作向け SoC
DRA821U プレビュー Dual Arm Cortex-A72, quad Cortex-R5F, 4-port Ethernet switch, and a PCIe controller
DRA782 アクティブ オーディオ・アンプ向け、2x 500MHz C66x DSP と 2 つのデュアル Arm Cortex-M4 搭載、SoC プロセッサ

医療用 関連の各種リファレンス・デザイン