MSP430FR6043 ultrasonic sensing evaluation module


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The EVM430-FR6043 evaluation kit is a development platform that can be used to evaluate the performance of the MSP430FR6043 for ultrasonic sensing applications (e.g. Smart Gas Meters). The MSP430FR6043 MCU is an ultra-low-power MCU that integrates an ultrasonic sensing analog front end (USS) for high precision and accurate ultrasonic measurements. The device also includes the low-energy accelerator (LEA) for optimized signal processing and helps in optimizing power for higher battery lifetime. The kit provides a flexible solution to enable engineers to quickly evaluate and develop with the MSP430FR6043 MCU with a variety of transducers with different frequencies. The EVM has the ability to display the measurement parameters with on-board LCD and connectors for RF communication modules. 

  • USB powered and provision for external power 
  • Connector available to interface with different transducer types
  • BoosterPack headers available to interface with external boards (I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO) and RF communication modules
  • On-board segmented LCD 
  • On-board eZ-FET emulation circuit to enable programming and debug

  • Evaluation board (EVM430-FR6043)
  • USB cable
  • Transducer not included

MSP430 microcontrollers
MSP430FR5041 16-MHz MCU with 32 KB FRAM, 12-bit high speed 8 MSPS sigma-delta ADC and integrated sensor AFE MSP430FR5043 16-MHz MCU with 64 KB FRAM, 12-bit high speed 8-MSPS sigma-delta ADC and integrated sensor AFE MSP430FR50431 Ultrasonic Sensing MCU with 64KB FRAM, 12KB RAM, I2C Boot Loader for flow meters MSP430FR6041 16-MHz MCU with 32-KB FRAM, LCD, 12-bit high speed 8-MSPS sigma-delta ADC and integrated sensor AFE MSP430FR6043 Ultrasonic Sensing MCU with 64KB FRAM, 12KB RAM, LCD for gas and water metering applications MSP430FR60431 16-MHz MCU with 64-KB FRAM, LCD, 12-bit high speed 8-MSPS sigma-delta ADC and integrated sensor AFE


Analog switches & muxes
TS5A21366 0.75-Ω on-state resistance, 5-V, 1:1 (SPDT), 2-channel analog switch with 1.8-V input logic TS5A9411 5-V, 2:1 (SPDT), 1-channel general-purpose analog switch (6-pin SC70)


Boost converters (integrated switch)
TPS61240 2.3-V to 5.5-V input range, 3.5-MHz fixed frequency 450-mA boost converter


Buck converters (integrated switch)
TPS62740 2.2V-5.5V input, ultra-low-power 300mA step-down buck DCDC converter with 360nA Iq


ESD & surge protection ICs
TPD2E001 Dual 1.5-pF, 5.5-V, ±8-kV ESD protection diode with 1-nA max leakage & VCC pin for USB 2.0 TPD4E002 Quad 11-pF, 5.5-V, ±15-kV ESD protection diode


High-speed op amps (GBW>=50MHz)
OPA836 Very Low Power, Rail to Rail out, Negative Rail in, VFB Op Amp


Load switches
TPS22860 0.73-Ω, 5-V, ultra-low leakage load switch


USB hubs & controllers
TUSB2046B 4-port USB 2.0 12-Mbps USB full-speed hub

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Getting started with ultrasonic gas flow measurement

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Design and develop gas flow measurement using MSP430FR6043 MCUs

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Evaluation board

EVM430-FR6043 – MSP430FR6043 ultrasonic sensing evaluation module

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Design files

TIDM-02003 Schematic TIDRYS5.PDF (670 KB) TIDM-02003 BOM TIDRYS6.PDF (80 KB) TIDM-02003 CAD Files TIDRYS9.ZIP (2694 KB)

Technical documentation

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Type Title Date
* User guide MSP430FR6043-based ultrasonic gas flow meter quick start guide (Rev. B) Jan. 24, 2019
Data sheet MSP430FR604x, MSP430FR504x 16-MHz MCU up to 64KB FRAM, 12-Bit High-Speed 8-MSPS Sigma-Delta ADC, and Integrated Sensor AFE datasheet (Rev. B) Dec. 01, 2021
Application note Ultrasonic Transducer Selection for Gas Metering (Rev. B) Jan. 04, 2021
Application note Gas Meter Design Guide Oct. 28, 2020
Application note Oxygen Concentration Sensing Oct. 14, 2020
Application note Liquid Concentration Sensing Oct. 09, 2020
Application note USS Water Flow Rate Calibration Oct. 09, 2020
Application note High-Resolution Anemometers Oct. 02, 2020
Application note Ultrasonic Surface Sensing Sep. 25, 2020
Application note Ultrasonic Leak Detection Sep. 23, 2020
User guide Water Flow Meter Quick Start Guide (Rev. B) Sep. 17, 2020
Application note High Resolution Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensing (Rev. A) Sep. 01, 2020
Application note Clamp On Water Meter for PVC Pipes Jun. 25, 2020
User guide Quick Start Guide for Gas Flow Meter Jun. 15, 2020
White paper Smart Flow Meters using MSP430™ Ultrasonic Sensing Microcontrollers Oct. 17, 2019
技术文章 Expanding the ultrasonic sensing solution (USS) library to support our new line of ultra-low-power ultrasonic gas and water flow metering devices Feb. 20, 2019
White paper Ultrasonic sensing of gas flow white paper Jan. 24, 2019
User guide EVM430-FR6043 hardware guide Jan. 24, 2019
Certificate EVM430-FR6043 EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC) Jul. 24, 2018

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Driver or library

Ultrasonic sensing solution (USS) software library for gas metering

Release date: 06 Feb 2020
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Software development kit (SDK)

MSPWare for MSP430 Microcontrollers

Release date: 25 Aug 2021
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UniFlash for most TI microcontrollers (MCUs) and mmWave sensors

Version: 7.0.0
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Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE)

Release date: 21 Dec 2021