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The Analog Engineer’s Calculator is designed to speed up many of the repetitive calculations that analog circuit design engineers use on a regular basis. This PC-based tool provides a graphical interface with a list of various common calculations ranging from setting op-amp gain with feedback resistors to selecting appropriate circuit design elements for stabilizing an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) drive buffer circuit. In addition to being useful as a stand-alone tool, this calculator pairs well with the concepts described in the Analog Engineer's Pocket Reference.

  • Expedites circuit design with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs)
    • Noise calculations
    • Common unit translation
  • Solves common amplifier circuit design problems
    • Gain selections using standard resistors
    • Filter configurations
    • Total noise for common amplifier configurations
  • Performs PCB parasitic calculations (e.g., R, L, and C)
  • Finds sensor output values for common sensors (e.g., RTD, thermocouple)
  • Solves common passive circuit problems (e.g., voltage divider using passive components)

  • Downloadable installer with a Windows®-compatible .exe file


Calculation tool

ANALOG-ENGINEER-CALC PC software analog engineer's calculator

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Supported products & hardware

Supported products & hardware

Difference amplifiers
INA592 High-precision (40-µV offset), 2-MHz, 88-dB CMRR, low-power, e-trim™ difference amplifier
General-purpose op amps
LM2902B Quad, 36-V, 1.2-MHz operational amplifier with -40°C to 125°C operation LM2902B-Q1 Automotive quad, 36-V, 1.2-MHz operational amplifier with -40°C to 125°C operation LM324B Quad, 36-V, 1.2-MHz, 3-mV offset voltage operational amplifier with -40°C to 85°C operation LM358B Dual, 36-V, 1.2-MHz, 3-mV offset voltage operational amplifier with -40°C to 85°C operation OPA4991-EP Enhanced-product, quad, 40-V, 4.5-MHz, rail-to-rail input and output (RRIO) operational amplifier
Precision ADCs (<=10MSPS)
ADS1278-SP Radiation Hardened 24-Bit 8-Ch Simultaneous-Sampling Delta-Sigma ADC

Technical documentation

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E-book Analog Engineer’s Pocket Reference Guide Fifth Edition (Rev. C) Nov. 30, 2018

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