OPA2202 High capacitive drive (25nF), precision (200uV), low noise(9nV/rtHz), super beta dual op amp | TI.com

This product is prototype/experimental and has not been released to the market. Testing and final processes may not be complete. This product may be subject to further changes or possible discontinuation.
High capacitive drive (25nF), precision (200uV), low noise(9nV/rtHz), super beta dual op amp


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The OPA202, OPA2202, and OPA4202 (OPAx202) are a family of devices built on TI’s industry-leading precision super-beta, complementary, bipolar semiconductor process. This process offers ultra-low flicker noise, low offset voltage, low offset voltage temperature drift, and excellent linearity with common-mode and power-supply variation. These devices offer an exceptional combination of dc precision, heavy capacitive load drive, and protection against external EMI, thermal, and short-circuit events.

The supply current is 580 µA at ±18 V. The OPAx202 do not exhibit phase inversion, and the series is stable with high capacitive loads. The OPAx202 are fully specified with a temperature range from –40°C to +105°C.


  • Precision super-beta performance:
    • Low offset voltage: 200 µV (maximum)
    • Ultra-low drift: 1 µV/°C (maximum)
  • Excellent efficiency:
    • Quiescent current: 580 µA (typical)
    • Gain-bandwidth product: 1 MHz
    • Low input voltage noise: 9 nV/√Hz
  • Ease of use, design simplicity:
    • Heavy capacitive load drive: 5-µs settling time with 25 nF
    • Ultra-high input impedance: 3000 GΩ and
      0.5 pF
    • EMI hardened, thermal, and short-circuit protection
  • Stable Performance:
    • High CMRR and AOL: 126 dB (minimum)
    • High PSRR: 126 dB (minimum)
  • Low bias current: 2 nA (maximum)
  • Low 0.1-Hz to 10-Hz noise: 0.2 µVPP
  • Wide supply voltage: ±2.25 V to ±18 V
  • Replaces OP-07 and OP-27

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OPA2202 Order now 2     4.5     36     1     0.35     No     0.2     0.5     0.58     9     148     Catalog     -40 to 105     VSSOP | 8     8VSSOP: 15 mm2: 4.9 x 3 (VSSOP | 8)     2000     35     Cost Optimized
High Cload Drive
Super Beta    
OPA2277 Order now 2     4     36     1     0.8     No     0.025     0.1     0.79     8     140     Catalog     -40 to 85     PDIP | 8
SOIC | 8
VSON | 8    
8PDIP: 93 mm2: 9.43 x 9.81 (PDIP | 8)
8SOIC: 19 mm2: 3.91 x 4.9 (SOIC | 8)
8VSON: 16 mm2: 4 x 4 (VSON | 8)    
1000     35     Small Size     Bipolar