1.8-V, 17-µA, microPower, precision, zero-drift CMOS op amp

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* Datasheet OPAx333 1.8-V, microPower, CMOS Operational Amplifiers, Zero-Drift Series datasheet (Rev. E) Dec. 17, 2015
Application notes EMI-Hardened Op Amps Reduce Errors in Infusion Pumps (Rev. A) Aug. 21, 2019
Application notes Temperature sensing with PTC circuit (Rev. A) May 23, 2019
Application notes Low-power, bidirectional current-sensing circuit (Rev. A) Feb. 18, 2019
Application notes Low-level voltage-to-current converter circuit Jan. 09, 2019
Application notes Temperature sensing with NTC circuit Dec. 30, 2018
Application notes Programmable, two-stage, high-side current source circuit Dec. 20, 2018
Software Source Files for SLAA867 Dec. 12, 2018
Application notes Zero-drift Amplifiers: Features and Benefits (Rev. B) Aug. 31, 2018
Selection guides Current Sense Amplifiers (Rev. D) Apr. 04, 2018
Technical articles How to lay out a PCB for high-performance, low-side current-sensing designs Feb. 06, 2018
Technical articles Low-side current sensing for high-performance cost-sensitive applications Jan. 22, 2018
Technical articles How to make precision measurements on a nanopower budget, part 1: DC gain in nanopower op amps Dec. 06, 2017
Technical articles “Trust, but verify” SPICE model accuracy, part 6: voltage noise and current noise Dec. 04, 2017
Application notes Offset Correction Methods: Laser Trim, e-Trim, and Chopper (Rev. A) Jul. 20, 2017
More literature The Signal e-book: A compendium of blog posts on op amp design topics Mar. 28, 2017
White papers Voltage-reference impact on total harmonic distortion Aug. 01, 2016
Application notes 4Q 2015 Analog Applications Journal Oct. 30, 2015
Application notes VCM vs. VOUT plots for instrumentation amplifiers with two op amps Oct. 30, 2015
Application notes EMI Rejection Ratio of Op Amps (With OPA333 and OPA333-Q1 as an Example) (Rev. A) Jul. 01, 2015
More literature The Best of Baker's Best – Amplifiers eBook Jan. 14, 2014
Application notes OPA333, OPA2333 EMI Immunity Performance (Rev. A) Oct. 31, 2012
More literature Current Sensing: Low Side, High Side, and Zero Drift [WMV] Feb. 17, 2010
Application notes New zero-drift amplifier has an IQ of 17 μA May 18, 2007
Application notes Single-Supply Operation of Operational Amplifiers Oct. 02, 2000